Videos & Tutorials

Visualising Monte Carlo simulations

Monte Carlo calculation of Pi converging towards three decimal places.

Multiplexing of Laguerre-Gaussian beams

Nine holograms to generate Laguerre-Gaussian beams are multiplexed with different carrier frequencies (left). In the Fourier plane, the carrier frequencies manifest as different spatial positions for each beam (right).


Polarisation distribution across a Gaussian beam propagated through a quarter waveplate at an angle of 45 degrees.


The phase change of a laser beam as it passed through two cylindrical lenses, one slowly rotated relative to the other.  The phase changes from purely astigmatic to spherical, and back.

Rotating Bessel Beams

The superposition of two Bessel beams with opposite OAM charge (l = -+2) and different wavevectors rotates during propagation.

Visualising Monte Carlo simulations

Two-dimensional simulation of diffusion.


Illustration of the versatility of digital holograms in beam shaping.