Educational Resources

Quantum Eraser

In this experiment, students learn about quantum interference by first using classical light as an anology and then using quantum entanglement. Below are a list of resources for teaching the principles of a quantum eraser courtesy of Prof. Kiko Galvez of Colgate University.

Introduction to quantum optics presentation – link to download

Classical analogy experiment using polarisers – download

Additional information on the costs of designing a single-photon experiment, troubleshooting single-photon experiments and other teaching labs can be found on Dropbox link.

Nitrogen Laser

Students learn how to assemble a small Nitrogen laser using low-power high-voltage supply and Nitrogen gas as the laser medium.

Introduction to laser design presentation – link to download

Manual – download

Single-photon interference experiment – download

Additional information can be found on Dropbox link.

Optical Fiber Communication

Students learn how different wavelengths can be used to transmit different bits of information. Further details regarding the kits can be requested from Prof. Mourad Zghal from University of Carthage.

Tutorial – download


This experiment allows students to build their own spectrometer and perform basic measurements that are sufficiently accurate for undergraduate labs. This was designed by Prof. Patricia Forbes together with Johan Nothling at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

SpecUP article – download

Problem Based Learning

PBL teaches students both content and problem solving skills through engagement with authentic real-world problems. All content can be found on the Dropbox link, provided by Ms. Judy Donnelly.