Beyond the display: phase-only liquid crystal on Silicon devices and their applications in photonics [Invited]

Optics Express

Lazarev G., Chen P., Strauss J., Fontaine N., and Forbes A.

photmp Existing for almost four decades, liquid crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology is rapidly growing into photonic applications. We review the basics of the technology, from the wafer to the driving solutions, the progress over the last decade and the future outlook. Furthermore we review the most exciting industrial and scientific applications of the LCOS technology. Found Here


Quantitative orbital angular momentum measurement of perfect vortex beams

Optics Letters

Pinnell J., Rodríguez-Fajardo V., and Forbes A.

photmp Perfect (optical) vortices (PVs) have the mooted ability to encode orbital angular momentum (OAM) onto the field within a well-defined annular ring. Although this makes the near-field radial profile independent of OAM, the far-field radial profile nevertheless scales with OAM, forming a Bessel structure. As yet, the quantitative measurement of the OAM of PVs has been elusive, with current detection protocols opting for more qualitative procedures using interference or mode sorters. Here, we show that the OAM content of a PV can be measured quantitatively using optical modal decomposition… Found Here


Free-space optical communication link with shape-invariant orbital angular momentum Bessel beams

Applied Optics

Mphuthi N., Gailele L., Litvin I., Dudley A., Botha R., and Forbes A.

photmp We present an alternative orbital angular momentum (OAM) solution for free-space optical communications in the form of shape-invariant Bessel beams. We use a generalized approach for generating these long-range self-healing beams with a phase-only element encoded on a spatial light modulator and imbue them with OAM. We study the performance of helical OAM beams as well as these long-range Bessel-like OAM beams over a real-world outdoor optical link of 150 m and show comparable performance. In the process, we characterize the link and its impact on modal cross-talk. Found Here


A compact acoustic spanner to rotate macroscopic objects

Scientific Reports

Toninelli E., Cox M., Gibson G.M., Brown S.D., Edgar M.P., Forbes A. and Padgett M.J.

photmp Waves can carry both linear and angular momentum. When the wave is transverse (e.g. light), the angular momentum can be characterised by the “spin” angular momentum associated with circular polarisation, and the “orbital” angular momentum (OAM) arising from the phase cross-section of the beam. When the wave is longitudinal (e.g. sound) there is no polarization and hence no spin angular momentum. However, a suitably phase-structured sound beam can still carry OAM. Observing the transfer of OAM from sound to a macroscopic object provides an excellent opportunity to… Found Here


Multi-dimensional entanglement transport through single-mode fibre


Liu J., Nape I., Wang Q., Valles A., Wang J. and Forbes A.

photmp The global quantum network requires the distribution of entangled states over long distances, with significant advances already demonstrated using entangled polarisation states, reaching approxi- mately 1200 km in free space and 100 km in optical fibre. Packing more information into each photon requires Hilbert spaces with higher dimensionality, for example, that of spatial modes of light. However spatial mode entanglement… Found Here


Classically Entangled Light

Progress in Optics

Forbes A., Aiello A. and Ndagano B.

photmp The concept of entanglement is so synonymous with quantum mechanics that the prefix “quantum” is often deemed unnecessary: there is after all only quantum entanglement. But the hallmark of entangled quantum states is nonseparability, a property that is not unique to the quantum world. On the contrary, nonseparability appears in many physical systems, and pertinently, in classical vector states of light: classical entanglement? Here we outline the concept of classical entanglement… Found Here


The Resilience of Hermite- and Laguerre-Gaussian Modes in Turbulence

Journal of Lightwave Technology

Cox M., Maqondo L., Kara R., Milione G., Cheng L. and Forbes A.

photmp Vast geographical distances in Africa are a leading cause for the so-called “digital divide” due to the high cost of installing fibre. Free-Space Optical (FSO) communications offer a convenient and higher bandwidth alternative to point-to-point radio microwave links, with the possibility of re-purposing existing infrastructure… Found Here


Coiling free electron matter waves

New Journal of Physics

Pierce J., Webster J,. Larocque H., Karimi E., McMorran B. and A Forbes A.

photmp Here we demonstrate particle beams that spiral in free space devoid of external fields. The beams consist of electrons in two lobes that twist around each other along the optical axis, such that each electron can be described by a two-lobed probability distribution that rotates as it propagates. Furthermore, we demonstrate that this twisting distribution can … Found Here


A versatile quantum walk resonator with bright classical light


Sephton B., Dudley A., Ruffato G., Romanato F., Marrucci L., Padgett M., Goyal S., Roux F., Konrad T. and Forbes A.

photmp In a Quantum Walk (QW) the “walker” follows all possible paths at once through the principle of quantum superposition, differentiating itself from classical random walks where one random path is taken at a time. This facilitates the searching of problem solution spaces faster than with classical random walks, and holds promise for … Found Here


Concepts in quantum state tomography and classical implementation with intense light: a tutorial

Advances in Optics and Photonics

Toninelli E., Ndagano B., Vallés A., Sephton B., Nape I., Ambrosio A., Capasso F., Padgett M.J., and Forbes A.

photmp A tomographic measurement is a ubiquitous tool for estimating the properties of quantum states, and its application is known as quantum state tomography (QST). The process involves manipulating single photons in a sequence of projective measurements, often to construct a density matrix from … Found Here


Quantum mechanics and classical light

Contemporary Physics

Konrad T. and Forbes A.

photmp The similarities between quantum mechanics and paraxial optics were already well-known to the founding fathers of quantum mechanics; indeed knowledge of paraxial optics partly informed quantum mechanics as a wave theory. Likewise quantum mechanical methods have been employed to better understand optics, for example… Found Here


Generation of structured light by multilevel orbital angular momentum holograms

Optics Express

Vijayakumar A., Rosales-Guzmán C., Rai M. R., Rosen J., Minin O. V., and Forbes A.

photmp Structured light has been created by a myriad of near-and far-field techniques and has found both classical and quantum applications. In the case of orbital angular momentum (OAM), continuous spiral phase patterns in dynamic or geometric phase are often employed with the phase patterns existing across the entire transverse plane. Here, we exploit the uncertain relationship between OAM and angle in order to create… Found Here


Engineering Structured Light from Lasers

IEEE Photonics Society News

Forbes A.

photmp It recent years it has become possible to exercise tremendous control over light’s spatial profile, the “pattern of light”, tailoring it to produce spatially variant polarization states, exotic phase structures and customized intensity profiles. These advances have been driven by both fundamental science as well as engineering applications, and made possible by an extensive “toolkit” available to us, allowing … Featured here and the article is on page 4


Amplification of higher order Poincaré sphere beams through Nd:YLF and Nd:YAG crystals

Applied Physics B

Sroor H., Litvin I., Naidoo D., and Forbes A.

photmp Scalar and vector orbital angular momentum modes, generally described by the higher order Poincaré sphere (HOPS), have found many applications to date, but limited to low-power levels. It has thus become topical to consider amplification of such structured light modes. Here, we employ recently developed characterisation tools for HOPS beams… Found Here


Optical orbital angular momentum under strong scintillation

Physical Review A

Mabena C. and Roux F. S.

photmp The evolution of classical optical fields propagating through atmospheric turbulence is investigated under arbitrary conditions. We use the single-phase screen (SPS) method and the infinitesimal propagation equation (IPE), a multiphase screen (MPS) method, to compute the optical power fractions retained in an input Laguerre-Gauss (LG) mode or transferred to higher-order LG modes… Found Here


Entanglement distillation by Hong-Ou-Mandel interference with orbital angular momentum states

APL Photonics

B. Ndagano and Forbes A.

photmp Entanglement is an invaluable resource to various quantum communication, metrology, and computing processes. In particular, spatial entanglement has become topical, owing to its wider Hilbert space that allows photons to carry more information. However, spatial entanglement is susceptible to decay in the presence of external perturbations such as … Found Here


Fractal light from lasers

Physics Review A

Sroor H., Naidoo D., Miller S., Nelson J., Courtial J., and Forbes A.

photmp The efficient creation and detection of spatial modes of light has become topical of late, driven by the need to increase photon bit-rates in classical and quantum communications. Such mode creation/detection is traditionally achieved with tools based on linear optics. Here we put forward a new spatial mode detection technique based on the nonlinear optical process of sum-frequency generation… Found Here


Super-resolution with quantum light

Nature Photonics

Forbes A. and Rodriguez-Fajardo R.

photmp Quantum correlations from photon antibunching enhance the resolution of image scanning microscopy in biological imaging by twofold, four times beyond the diffraction limit. Found Here


Spatial mode detection by frequency upconversion

Optics Letters

Sephton B., Vallés A., Steinlechner F., Konrad T., Torres J., Roux F. S., and Forbes A.

photmp The efficient creation and detection of spatial modes of light has become topical of late, driven by the need to increase photon bit-rates in classical and quantum communications. Such mode creation/detection is traditionally achieved with tools based on linear optics. Here we put forward a new spatial mode detection technique based on the nonlinear optical process of sum-frequency generation… Found Here


A high-speed, wavelength invariant, single-pixel wavefront sensor with a digital micromirror device


Cox M., Toninelli M., Cheng L., Padgett M., and Forbes A.

photmp The wavefront measurement of a light beam is a complex task, which often requires a series of spatially resolved intensity measurements. For instance, a detector array may be used to measure the local phase gradient in the transverse plane of the unknown laser beam. In most cases the resolution of the reconstructed wavefront is determined by the resolution of the detector, which in the infrared case is severely limited… Found Here


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