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You are kindly invited to attend the International workshop on bridging the digital divide with sustainable photonics. The workshop will take place from 12 to 15 JuneĀ 2017 at the Ivory Tree Lodge situated within the Pilansberg Nature Reserve in South Africa. We are personally inviting 20 selected guests to this event.




The workshop will focus on framing the challenges facing universal access to digital technologies, and discuss the opportunities that exist to reshape the way telecommunications infrastructure are deployed. The meeting will offer you an opportunity to show case your recent achievements, interact with a broad range of inter-disciplinary researchers and support you to forge new collaborations with an aim of bridging the digital divide.

Your attendance at the event will be formalized in the publication of a white paper on the challenges, and enabling technologies in bridging the digital divide, which will be compiled as a reflection on the discussion that will be integrated into the event.

The workshop is being supported at part of the EPSRC Global Challenges Fund.


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