Attended Siegman School on Lasers 2016

I was fortunate to attend the prestigious OSAF Siegman School on Lasers hosted by ICFO in Barcelona, Spain two weeks ago. Besides a week packed with lectures on various laser-related topics, the school provided a great opportunity to network with internationalĀ postgraduate students in similar fields to my own. I was also able to meet some of the OSA Foundation staff and we discussed our newly founded student chapter at the university and possibilities for the future! The labs at ICFO were an eye opener:Ā the variety of experiments, the sheer number of labs and the processes and equipment were amazing! I hope that one day we have similar facilities in South Africa šŸ™‚



The entire group of students and academics who presented the lectures.


Myself and some new (and old) friends on a bus ride. From left to right: Me, Tori (USA), James (USA), Sandhra (Estonia), Daniel (South Africa: CSIR)